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Tailored Facials

A customised Facial where the steps & products are selected according to your skins requirements, with the choice to add-on devices e.g High Frequency

HKD 1,200+

Personalised Facial

A circulation boosting vacuum suction combined with an exfoliating headpiece effectively removes dead skin & energises complexions

HKD 1,400+


A customised facial for all under 18s. 
From soothing sensitive skin to extracting congestion and oil control

HKD 1,200

Teen Facial

Resurfacing, brightening & rejuvenating. 
The choice of peel will be chosen by our skin therapists according to your skins requirements. 

HKD 1,450 +

Enzyme/AHA/BHA Peel

An exfoliating facial that removes the soft vellus hairs from the face, leaving a smooth & brightened skin

HKD 1,800

Dermaplaning Facial

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