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IPL Hair Reduction

What is IPL hair removal treatment?

To treat unwanted hair we recommend clients a course of laser treatments. Laser hair removal works by burning the hair follicle under your skin to reduce hair growth, without causing any damage to the skin tissue around the area.

How many treatments do I need for hair removal?

Hair removal treatments vary on the amount of hair and the area on the body. For most treatments, we recommend a course of 6-8 laser treatments

Who does laser hair removal work for?

Laser hair removal works best on light/fair skin types and darker skin. At optimal we have a special laser that is safe to use on most darker skin types. Laser will not work on grey and light hair. Patch tests are advised for anyone seeking this treatment.


It is important to follow after care advice given to you by your skin aesthetician to prolong your results. Some hair can return over time. Laser hair removal treatment has advanced over the years and is a lot less painful and more effective



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